ANOMALIA has been helping to shape professional career of animation artists for 11 years under supervision of mentors from top studios like Pixar, DreamWorks, VALVE, Disney, Aardman Animations, Blue Sky and independent artists. Great and passionate mentors helping to gain needed skills and competencies in highly competitive industry, networking opportunities and amazing team atmosphere are the reasons our participants have fallen in love with our courses.

ANOMALIA is Not Just Another Training, But Powerful Boost to Your Career. Don’t miss your chance!


July 8th – 19th 2019 (10 days)

You will collaborate on developing your animated film or series with a seasoned veteran of the animation industry, Robert Lence with 20 years of experience from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and others, who will act as supervisor. The aim of the Story Lab is to introduce producers and their creative teams to the process of story development practice and experience of the invited guest.


July 22nd – August 2nd 2019 (10 days)

You will collaborate on the development of character design with a leading character artist Geefwee Boedoe (Disney/Pixar), who will share his experience of particular creative approaches and design processes for animated film. This will benefit your own work on animated films and series, without regard to a specific style. The lab’s program is focused on mastering the creative process of the development.



5th – 16th August 2019 (10 days) 

Participants will take a story and create the concept art for it, as though they were actually designing for a film under the supervision of an art director Rustam Hasanov. At the end of the workshop, participants will have several portfolio pieces showing their understanding of how to break down a portion of a film (or game), and design all the elements necessary to be able move into production. Throughout all of this, they will discuss how their designs will effect budgets and schedules, and how their designs will be used by other departments down the line in production.



termín bude upřesněn

ANOMALIA kurz Animátor 3D postav je šesti týdenní intenzivní kurz zaměřený na zvládnutí základní a pokročilé 3D animace postav. Kurz bude probíhat v českém jazyce. Na základě speciálně připravených cvičení prohloubíte své současné znalosti a získáte dovednosti potřebné pro pracovní pozici 3D charakterový animátor.



termín bude upřesněn

ANOMALIA 3D grafik je 2,5 týdenní intenzivní kurz zaměřený na zvládnutí základní a středně pokročilé tvorby 3D grafiky. Kurz bude probíhat v českém jazyce.



termín bude upřesněn

ANOMALIA Herní designer je intenzivní kurz k osvojení znalostí a zkušeností s projektováním a prototypováním her. Nauč se navrhovat hry a pracuj na zábavných a populárních projektech v herním průmyslu!


Preparing new workshops & labs

storyboarding, rigging, animation production, compositing, technical director and others

Watch following videos to get better idea what we do in ANOMALIA


VR LAB Teaser


Who do our students say

“ANOMALIA has taught me how to be successful and humble at animating, but more importantly, it has allowed me to network with talented animators from around the world. Also, it proved that there is life outside the advertising industry and opened my mind to new possibilities.”

Milosz Wlazlo
cg artist, Poland

“ANOMALIA gave me a chance to brain-drain the greatest animation professionals, their know-how, experience took me to a new level. It also gave me a lot of professional contacts outside my home country and opened up great new possibilities.”

Ivan Sarosacz
professional animator, Hungary

“I was into hand drawn classical animation, but no more after ANOMALIA – the best 3D course EVER!!! It was so awesome and CG so much better, that I really want to recommend it to you all!”

Jan Saska
animator, Czech Republic

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