Blender Blending: Rigging Pipeline Lab

Blender rigging and development in established pipelines

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2 weeks in October 2024 TBA
4 / 12 participants New
10 days
Intermediate to advance
Litomysl, Czech Republic


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1 600€

per artist

Registration Open
* Discounted price for Czech artists after a deduction of 82% from government funds.
** Price applies to all non-Czech artists without funding opportunities from the Czech Government.
21% VAT is deductible for VAT payers in the EU.

This comprehensive Blender-focused bootcamp offers an intensive, hands-on learning experience for beginner and experienced digital artists. It covers key technical and creative aspects of rigging and pipeline development in Blender, emphasizing practical skills, real-world problem-solving, and creative exploration.

You gain expertise in advanced features like rigging and motion capture integration and work on collaborative projects that simulate professional environments. The course also involves interacting with the Blender development community, which allows students to influence software enhancements and tailor tools to specific needs. By the end of the course, participants will be well-equipped to handle complex digital production challenges and poised to advance their careers in the digital arts.

On completion of this course, you will

  • For students focusing specifically on Blender in this course, they will gain:
  • Deep Understanding of Blender: Master the core functionalities and advanced features of Blender.
  • Blender Integration Techniques: Learn how to integrate Blender with other major software like Maya, ensuring seamless workflow transitions.
  • Custom Tool Development: Gain insights into working with open-source Blender developers to add custom features tailored to specific production needs.
  • Enhanced Animation and Rigging Skills: Develop advanced skills in animation and rigging within Blender, including effective use of its unique tools.
  • Efficient Use of Blender’s Open-Source Capabilities: Leverage the open-source nature of Blender to customize and enhance toolsets for specific project requirements.
  • Real-World Application: Apply Blender skills to solve real-world problems in animation and game development.
  • Production Problem Solving: Learn to troubleshoot and fix production issues related explicitly to Blender in various scales of projects.
  • Creative and Technical Empowerment: Empowerment to innovate using Blender’s capabilities to create distinctive and high-quality outputs.
  • Collaborative Project Experience: Experience collaborative projects during the course to enhance learning and practical application.
  • Professional Preparedness: Prepare for industry demands with a strong portfolio of work demonstrating proficiency in Blender.

About the course

The daily progression lab will be going through and looking at an asset in Maya and cover the foundational things that we need to worry about when trying to migrate something to blender
Then we’ll go through and look in depth at Blender features, and understand what’s about to change in the software with all the new animation fixes.
Most people think they know Blender and most people think they know Maya and in reality, most people don’t know either they know what they’ve been shown or what they figured out and that’s where they are learning stopped, and we’re gonna go in-depth and explain and show how a digital character assetcan be repurposed translated, and I will block them through taking it from my end to blender or taking a blender rig to Maya, and will set up assets and go both directions
Deconstructor rig feature by feature and migrate that to Blender, and when they finish, they will have an asset that can work in any software unreal, Maya or Blender
We will also examine the tools and techniques that are universal to both software, and then we will look in depth at what Blender does better than anything else, where Maya excels, and when to go back and forth or when to decide to move an asset
Well, then look at the tools that we might want to improve, and we will discuss how best to contribute to an open-source ecosystem get benefits back for your projects, and help others by examining several of the 80+ features I’ve added to Blender in the last few years.
  • Deconstruct, Maya, Rigging
  • Deconstruct blender, Rigging
  • Understand how to move an asset between multiple software
  • Learn fundamental rigging ideas that are universally applied between packages
  • Find out how to use features and tools that people continually misunderstand or miss altogether in hundreds of tutorial videos and unanswered questions on forums
  • Learn troubleshooting techniques that I’ve used to help studios across the world and individual artists, unstuck, and create instead of fighting software
  • Find out how to contribute to open source projects and get tools and improved features into them that benefit everybody
  • Learn what is incredibly fast to do a blender that would take hours and Maya and vice versa
  • Manage expectations around FBX import export and discuss reusable assets and project-specific problems
  • Discuss AI about creativity automation scripting, independent artists, and workflows versus large productions, and we will finish up by empowering everybody to work faster and more nimble instead of just fighting software issues.

Who is it for

This Blender-focused course offers specialized training and insights that are highly relevant. Here’s who will particularly benefit from this course:

  1. Studio Pipeline Developers: Individuals responsible for creating and maintaining the workflow and software pipelines within animation and VFX studios. This course will provide them with advanced knowledge in integrating Blender into existing pipelines efficiently and optimizing workflows for better collaboration across various departments.
  2. Riggers: Riggers who specialize in creating the skeletons, muscles, and facial expressions of characters for animation will gain deep insights into Blender’s rigging tools and techniques. This will enhance their ability to produce more nuanced and complex animations, improving the quality and realism of animated projects.
  3. Technical Artists: Those who bridge the gap between artists and programmers in studios by developing tools and automating tasks. The course will help them understand how to leverage Blender’s capabilities to develop custom scripts and add-ons that streamline production processes.
  4. Animation Technical Directors: Technical directors who oversee the technical aspects of animation production, ensuring that the artistic vision is achieved through the technology used. The course will empower them with the skills to solve complex technical issues in rigging and pipeline integration with Blender.
  5. Software Developers in Animation Studios: Developers tasked with customizing and extending animation software will benefit from understanding how Blender can be adapted or integrated with other proprietary or commercial software to enhance the studio’s capabilities.

Where will this get you

All participants will get well-respected qualification within the industry, demonstrating you’ve studied an industry-based course under expert supervision and have the practical, hands-on skills to continually growing as a professional studios are looking for.


Fees and funding


Czech artists: 288€
All other artists: 1 600€

The fee covers participation in the course and includes 21% VAT (deductible for VAT payers in the EU countries and businesses outside EU). It doesn’t cover accommodation, meals, and travel.

Approximate living costs during your stay in the Czech Republic:

  • Accommodation at the venue: 25 EUR / night
  • Breakfast at the hotel – 7 EUR
  • Restaurant meal between 5 – 10 EUR
  • Grocery in general – 50 EUR per person a week

Funding for Czech employees and freelancers

Czech Labour Office (Úřad práce) offers to cover up to 85% of the course fee within the so-called POVEZ II project (Support of Vocational Training for Employees II). See the details and conditions here.

Cancellation Policy

  • In the case of cancellation 6 weeks or more before the course starting date, the whole fee (course fee, or course fee + accommodation) will be refunded minus 150€ admin fee.
  • With less than 6 weeks‘ notice, 50% of the total course fee will be refunded.
  • If cancellation occurs in the final 30 working days before the starting date, no refund will be given.
  • However, we will consider transferring the fees to another course (conditional upon vacancies) but a 20% cancellation fee will be charged if this change will be made in less than 4 weeks before the course starting date.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a course if fewer than 4 people are enrolled. In this case we can transfer your fees to any future course or refund the fees you have paid in full.
  • Refunds will be paid within 2 weeks after receiving your full bank details.

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The Houdini course is lead by a real-life professional working on a daily basis with the world leading VFX projects, such as Hollywood movies or Netflix shows. The teaching center is located in historical and beautiful Cesky Krumlov, South of Czech Republic. The conditions are excellent and two weeks are a substantial dose of training to get you stareted with Houdini. Keep in mind it's still only the beginning of a much longer learning process.
The Houdini course is great way to get general knowledge of FX in Houdini and to set you on the path of deeper understanding how things work under the hood(ini).
A nice place to start with Houdini, which gave me the basics to continue on my own to develop my knowledge and skills in Houdini.


per artist

1 600€

per artist

Registration Open
* Discounted price for Czech artists after a deduction of 82% from government funds.
** Price applies to all non-Czech artists without funding opportunities from the Czech Government.
21% VAT is deductible for VAT payers in the EU.
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