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23rd July – 3rd August 2018 (10 days)

You will collaborate on developing your animated film or series with a seasoned veteran of the animation industry, Nathan Stanton of the PIXAR Animation Studios, who will act as supervisor (tbc).

The aim of the Story Lab is to introduce producers and their creative teams to the process of story development by drawing on the practice and experience of the invited guest. The Story Lab is designed for seven creative teams of two–three artists.



Ricky Nierva

6th – 17th August 2018 (10 days)

You will collaborate on the development of character design with a leading character artist from PIXAR, Ricky Nierva, who will share his experience of particular creative approaches and design processes for animated film. This will benefit your own work on animated films and series, without regard to a specific style.

The lab’s program is focused on mastering the creative process of the development of the design of characters for animated film within the context of the demands of a story. Drawing skills are a prerequisite for participation.



3rd – 7th September 2018 (5 days)

VR is becoming more common – at least, people from the industry talk about it increasingly often in hopes of a new revolution. We offer an artistic focus in an otherwise technical field.

VR lab is aimed at animation artists to experience developing their own look and style for VR in collaboration with an industry veteran. The lab aims to help participants acquire skills and experience of artistic development as regards storytelling and the design aspect of works. The knowledge and experience acquired can also prove useful in classic 3D animated film.



23. 7. – 3.8. a 20. – 31. 8. 2018 v Litomyšli 

(20 dní prezenčně, 10 dní distančně)

ANOMALIA kurz Animátor 3D postav je šesti týdenní intenzivní kurz zaměřený na zvládnutí základní a pokročilé 3D animace postav. Kurz bude probíhat v českém jazyce. Na základě speciálně připravených cvičení prohloubíte své současné znalosti a získáte dovednosti potřebné pro pracovní pozici 3D charakterový animátor.