Samuel Maniscalco

Unreal Engine 5: Lightning for Film & Games
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Samuel Maniscalco, a distinguished Lead Lighting Artist and Supervisor hailing from Sydney, Australia, has made significant contributions to the animation and VFX industry.
Having started as a 3D generalist, Maniscalco honed his skills and specialization in lighting. His journey began at George Miller’s Dr. D Studios, where he worked on “Happy Feet Two.” Subsequently, his career led him to prominent studios including Wētā FX, MPC, Animal Logic, Technicolor, and DreamWorks Animation.

Maniscalco’s impressive portfolio includes serving as the Lead Lighting Director on Disney’s “The Lion King” and the Lead Lighting and Compositing Artist on DreamWorks Animation’s “Trolls World Tour.” His expertise extends to collaborating with renowned cinematographers such as Caleb Deschanel, James Laxton, and Mandy Walker.

In his current role as a Virtual Production Lighting Supervisor, Maniscalco thrives in utilizing real-time technology and game engines on set. Committed to the industry’s growth, he aims to bring cinematographers into the animation world, fostering a harmonious blend of skills and processes to enhance the quality of animated storytelling.


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Unreal Engine 5: Lightning for Film & Games

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Samuel Maniscalco
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