Chris Chapman

Unreal Engine 5: Niagara FX
Blue Sky Studios NetherRealm Studio

Chris is a Lead FX Artist at Netherrealm studio in Chicago. He has been creating and
supervising real-time game FX over the past five years while providing visual and
technical direction to a team of FX artists. Prior to working in the game industry
Chris was creating feature film FX using Houdini software for over fifteen years.

Game projects Chris has worked on include Mortal Kombat 1, Mortal Kombat
Aftermath and Mortal Kombat 11. Film projects include animated feature films Spies
in Disguise, Ferdinand, Ice Age5, Peanuts, Rio2, Epic, Ice Age 4, Rio, Ice Age 3 and
live-action feature films Mummy 3, The Golden Compass, The Kingdom, Night at the
Museum, Fast & Furious 3, Superman Returns, Chronicles of Narnia, Elektra, The
Day After Tomorrow and Daredevil.

Chris worked on FX teams that won the 2008 Oscar for Best Visual FX, The Golden
Compass, and nominated for Best Animated Feature 2018, Ferdinand along with a
VES 2015 nomination for Outstanding Visual Effects, Peanuts Movie.
Chris has taught Houdini FX as an adjunct lecturer for more than five years at
School Visual Arts, Columbia College Chicago, and Art Institute of California.


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Unreal Engine 5: Niagara FX

Chris Chapman
Blue Sky Studios, NetherRealm Studio
16. 9. - . 27. 9. 2024
10 days
Intermediate to Advanced 3D/FX artist + basic knowledge of UE5.
8 / 12 participants
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