Character Design Lab

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You will collaborate on the development of character design with a leading character artist Geefwee Boedoe, Disney/Pixar, who will share his experience of particular creative approaches and design processes for animated film. This will benefit your own work on an animated film/series or a game, without regard to a specific style. The lab is focused on mastering the creative process of the development of the design of characters within the context of a story.

Geefwee Boedoe

Disney, DreamWorks, Pixar
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How it works

Starting with a group of characters based upon your own project, you will go through the process of exploring and developing their personalities, and refining how they look individually and as an ensemble.

Although there will be specific lectures and exercises throughout the two weeks, the Character Design Lab works in an informal manner. The Lab utilizes group participation and regular critique sessions to help explore, refine and ultimately enhance the unique flavors of your characters and how they will best support and reinforce the stories that they are telling.

Lesson plan


Staying loose and rough we begin the journey of discovering who your characters are and what they may look like.

  • Day 1: Overview – Introduction – Basic shapes & shape language – Blocking forms
  • Day 2: Silhouettes and poses
  • Day 3: Personalities and expressions – Archetypes
  • Day 4: Caricature (pushing and exaggerating shapes)
  • Day 5: Reference and Casting (working characters off of one another)


Developing your characters further and enhancing them through color, costume, and style.

  • Day 1: Style and Advanced shape language (creating a consistent world)
  • Day 2: Color (using color to support the emotional & psychological personalities of your characters)
  • Day 3: Costume (further enhancing your characters through wardrobe, hairstyle, etc.)
  • Day 4: Putting it all together (refining and finesse)
  • Day 5: Final touches – Presentation – Re-cap

Lab includes

  • Character design and development lectures by an accomplished animation professional Geefwee Boedoe (Disney/Pixar)
  • Professional supervision, consulting and art direction of your project
  • Team collaboration between your colleagues and the mentor as the most essential learning experience

Target group

Participants should have drawing skills already at an intermediate level and bring their own projects to the lab to boost both their skills, workflows and their projects at the same time. Team collaboration is essential. We strongly recommend to apply as a team of 2 artists with a project.


In order to be eligible for the lab, you need to submit your project idea as a synopsis or character profiles no more than 500 words max. along with your registration. Participants bring their own materials, computers with Photoshop and projects to work on.

Selection criteria

  • Portfolio – expertise and experience in the field
  • Priority given to animators and artists
  • Motivational letter
    Emphasis on career motivation and vision
  • Own project
    Participants’ involvement is conditional on their having a project of their own
  • Own creative team
    Teams of at least two or more will receive priority
  • Participation in both Story & Art workshops
20. 7. - 7. 8. 2020
10 days
/ 10 projects
intermediate drawing skills
Litomyšl, Czech Republic