Get funding for ANOMALIA from the Czech Labour Office

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Funding from Czech Labour Office [Úřad práce]

Labour Offices offer to cover up to 85% of the course fee within the so-called POVEZ II project (Support of Vocational Training for Employees II).

The Labour Office also covers the wage costs for the period of training participation up to 100% of the costs, including social and health insurance contributions, to the maximum amount of 176 CZK / hour.

Even if you are a foreign artist, but have your work permit (zivnostensky list) you can apply for funding support for ANOMALIA courses.

Who can apply for the support

This opportunity is intended for:

  • all freelancers (self-employed persons, trade license holders) who have their registered office throughout the Czech Republic outside Prague. But, you can work in Prague too!
  • employers and their employees with registered offices throughout the Czech Republic outside Prague



  • Do I have to be registered as a job seeker with the Labour Office?
    It is not necessary to be filed in the job seekers register at the Labour Office to be able to apply for the support
  • Can students apply?
    Yes, students can apply if they have a trade license and their registered office is outside of Prague.
  • Is it a problem if I work as a freelancer (self-employed) for clients in Prague?
    That is no problem at all. You can still apply for support.
  • How long does it take to process an application?
    Expect the entire application process to take up to 3 months from submission to approval.
  • How many applications can I submit?
    The Labour Office will only grant you support once. You cannot apply repeatedly. However, several courses (modules) can be included in a single application.


How it works



Register for ANOMALIA course (s) of your choice and, in the note section of the registration form, state that you are planning to apply for a grant at the Labour Office.



  1. Inform a contact person in charge of the POVEZ II project of your intention to apply for support. Labour Office directory HTTPS://URLPRACE.COM/?PAGE=CONTACTS
  2. Registration in the web application
  3. Complete the electronic application form including the attachments
  • It is possible to generate an unfinished application in PDF and send it to the relevant Labour Office at which you’re applying. If the official application contains no mistakes, it will speed up the whole process (i.e. no additional corrections…).
  • General data of the applicant, staff to take part in the course, course information, and budget are filled in the form. The affidavit forms can be downloaded from the attachments.
  • Proof that you do not have outstanding debts with your health insurance company, the Czech Social Security Administration, the Tax and Customs Office is required. If you tick the “Waiver of Confidentiality” in your application, the Office will request these documents on your behalf.
  1. Applying via web application HTTPS://POVEZ.URADPRACE.CZ/
  2. Within 7 calendar days, deliver the application, including attachments, physically to the relevant branch of the Labour Office or via a data box.
  3. A formal review of the application by the Labour Office will take place, approximately within 30 days of submission.



  2. It is necessary to physically deliver or send via the data box the following documents to the Labour office:
  • An up-to-date demand and offer of the selected provider of the educational activity (e-mail communication is sufficient)
  • A signed agreement with the selected provider of the educational activity (the Labour Office will send you the template)
  • A completed timetable and lesson plan (the Labour Office will send you the templates)
  • Documentation from the provider of the educational activity (business register, trade license)
  • Evidence of the highest educational qualifications attained by the lecturer of the educational activity (degree, certificate)
  • Documents proving the expertise of the educational activity lecturer (degree, certificate, in our case a LinkedIn link and affidavit was “sufficient”)

The documents listed above must be submitted at least 14 days before the start of the educational activity / course.

Training must start within 6 months of the issue of the NOTIFICATION OF APPROVAL.



  1. The Labour Office will invite you to sign an AGREEMENT with them on support for educational activity.
  2. Subsequently, you will be sent additional documents to complete (attendance and tuition records, classroom identification, final report, statement of wage costs and statement of educational activity costs – to be submitted no later than by the end of the calendar month following the end of the reported month period).
  3. In addition, you will be asked to register at: HTTP://PORTAL.MPSV.CZ/UPCR/ESF/PROJECTS_V_REALIZATION/CELOREP/REPUTY- The Labour Office will send you access rights. Here are 2 questionnaires to fill in (very short).



  1. By the end of the month following the month in which the course took place, submit the above-mentioned statements, the final report, the invoice for the educational activity, proof of payment and the certificate of successful completion of the educational activity.
  2. Within 30 calendar days, a contribution of 85% of the training activity costs and up to 100% of the wage costs during the staff participation in the course will be reimbursed.


Czech version