Len Simon

Animate 2D Short Film

Len was one of the original staff of Fox Animation Studios, where he was one of the main leads on Anastasia and was promoted to Animation Director in charge of all the character animation on Bartok the Magnificent and Titan AE.

Len has worked on more than a dozen classically animated feature films, recent films include: Prince of Egypt, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, 8 Crazy Nights, Fat Albert, Curious George, Anastasia as well as a number of European animated features such as Klaus.  Len’s ability has progressed to encompass all aspects of animation from storyboard and development to post production. His hands-on style of management has made Len one of the most accomplished figures in animation.


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Animate 2D Short Film

Len Simon
16. 9. - . 27. 9. 2024
10 days
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