Pandora’s Box

12-year-old Pandora Jones’ curiosity has always gotten her into trouble. She can’t help it – she wants to be a reporter when she grows up and loves uncovering secrets! The only problem? Her town is B-O-R-I-N-G! So naturally, when a top-secret privately funded excavation sets up base in her town, Pandora sneaks into the site at night to find out what they’re looking for. Only this time, Pandora realizes she has bitten off more than she can chew when she opens a cursed box and unleashes all the evil demons of the world (Yes, all of them).

Now, the world is at chaos, and the clock is ticking for Pandora and her new sidekick, “Hope” (who was also trapped in the box). They need to get all the evils back in the box before they destroy the world, and before the excavation team (aka the bad guys) gets to them first and harnesses their powers for weapons of mass destruction.


  • Format: Feature Film
  • Country: Israel
  • Stage: Early Development