When a unique creature disrupts a chaotic fish market, a paralyzed girl’s touch unveils a miraculous power, setting the stage for an epic struggle of empathy against fear.


Nifty, a mysterious and adorable creature unseen before, arrives at a bustling fish market. His wide eyes reflect awe as he takes in the vibrant activity, but a profound sadness engulfs him as he notices lifeless fish strewn about. His curiosity leads him to yearn to touch one, seeking any spark of life left.

As Nifty reaches for a fish, a group of fishermen notices, mistaking him for a dangerous monster. They quickly mobilize to eliminate this perceived threat. Simultaneously, a handicapped girl, isolated for months due to a paralyzing accident, finally ventures to the market with her fiercely protective father. The fishermen’s fervor to capture Nifty ignites a frenzied chase, with the girl’s father leading. In the chaos, the girl’s safety is compromised, and her father feels immense regret. However, she reaches out and touches Nifty. A miraculous transformation occurs; her paralysis fades, leaving everyone in shock and awe. Despite Nifty’s incredible display of empathy, the crowd remains unwavering in their desire to eliminate him. The girl’s father, unable to see Nifty’s true nature, supports the crowd’s call for Nifty’s demise.

Undeterred, the girl resolves to help Nifty return to the ocean, his true home. This story serves as a short film prologue, setting the stage for a full-feature film set decades after this pivotal event.


At a glance

  • Format: Short Film
  • Source: Original
  • Story by: David Tousek
  • Genre: Sci-fi, Adventure
  • Target group: Family, Kids 9+
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Stage: Early development

Visual galleries

Character design

World design

Storyboarding / Animatic



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