A 12-year-old with exceptional woodcraft skills, determined to validate his father’s belief in gnomes, embarks on a treacherous journey with the town’s eccentric lunetic. Together, they unearth the secrets of gnomes and confront the consequences of human pride, setting the stage for an enchanting and challenging odyssey.


In a world filled with mystery and sorrow, 12-year-old woodcraft prodigy Marki embarks on a perilous quest to vindicate his father’s unwavering belief in gnomes – a belief that cost his father’s life. Teaming up with the eccentric town lunatic, Byron, they embark on a treacherous two-day journey to the forbidden gold mine mills, accompanied by Marki’s loyal dog, Romeo. Amid the wilderness, Marki faces a life-threatening encounter with a fearsome black bear and stumbles upon a grim graveyard, a stark reminder of tragedies driven by greed. The isolation of his beloved town becomes painfully evident at the mountain’s summit.

As darkness falls, fate cruelly snatches Romeo away, leaving Marki vulnerable and anxious. However, destiny intervenes when he encounters Nojono, a gnome girl, whose ethereal presence challenges his beliefs. United against Byron’s gold obsession, they confront a chaotic past that once claimed Marki’s father and left their town and the gnome’s home in ruins. Secrets and commitments test Marki, revealing the power of human pride, a force that can be both potent and destructive. As the chapter concludes, the world of Gold Matters promises deeper mysteries, unfathomable discoveries, and a future yet to be unveiled.

At a glance

  • Format: Feature Film
  • Country: Czech Republic
  • Stage: Early development / Animated teaser in production
  • Source: Original
  • Story by: David Tousek
  • Genre: Family adventure
  • Target group: Family, Kids 9+

This project has an animated teaser in production, which is due by January 2024!

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Character design


World design


Animatic of upcoming teaser