Gentle Jaco tells the story of a girl, her extraordinary clay companion, and their journey to save a dead forest through the transformative power of love, nature, and an awe-inspiring secret.


In the tranquil Bohemian Forest, known in Czech as Jeseniky, PA, yet fit and bearded grandfatherly man, is a dedicated mushroom hunter who replenishes the earth with water after every harvest. One day, he encounters GENTLE JACO, a forest clay-man spirit, forming a deep bond.

They build a treehouse, but Pa must keep Jaco’s existence hidden, as he believes the world is too harsh for Jaco’s innocence. When Pa goes to the city, Jaco expresses a rare desire to help, but Pa insists he stays behind to guard the cabin. Sarah, Pa’s self-absorbed granddaughter, arrives, unaware of Jaco’s presence. She discovers a gift from Pa, binoculars, and inadvertently startles Jaco. They eventually reconcile and witness Jaco’s ability to revive dead trees.

Pa’s absence raises Sarah’s concern, but Jaco manages to communicate that he went to the city for supplies. Sarah takes Jaco to a market, where she loses track of him at a bustling train station, where Jaco hops a train that heads to the heart of a bustling city. Reluctantly, Sarah’s off on a quest to find the enigmatic clay man and find Pa in this enchanting tale that explores the bonds between humans, love, and nature that celebrates the enduring strength of the natural world.

At a glance

  • Prospect Format: Feature Film
  • Source: Original
  • Story by: David Tousek
  • Genre: Romance, Adventure
  • Target group: Family, Kids 7+
  • Stage: Early development
  • Country: Czech Republic

Visual galleries

Character design


World design


Animatic of upcoming teaser


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