What if there was a child who would go to the ends of the earth – for a lollipop? A sweet-toothed Danny (11) gets to live his Christmas wish and magically travels to BONBONLAND, an enchanted place full of fantastic sweets. Will this be his sweetest dream come true or will this become a journey of no return?


DANNY (11) is a sweet-toothed, chubby boy who battles with his mother HELEN (30) over his candy addiction. After making a Christmas wish, Danny is transported to BONBONLAND, a world of endless sweets ruled by DON BONBON (55) and his loyal GUMMY BEARS. However, the paradise quickly turns into a nightmare as all children turn into gummy bears. Danny befriends LOLLI (12), who teaches him how to resist the transformation. When Danny’s little brother BEN (4) also gets trapped, they plan a daring rescue.

The trio faces challenges, including Don Bonbon and mobs of gummy bears, as they embark on their journey back home. Along the way, they encounter wild monsters like the Sugarsaur in a chocolate sea. The further they are from Bonbonland’s Lollipop tower, the lighter they become, enabling them to jump high, land slowly, and even swim in the air. As they approach high icy mountains made of ice cream, a bright star in the Christmas night sky presents a chance to make another wish.

Their ultimate goal: escape and return home in time for Christmas. Will they succeed, or is this journey a one-way trip to a sugary fate?

At a glance

  • Format: Feature Film
  • Source: Original
  • Stage: Early development
  • Story by: Adam Parma
  • Genre: Candy, Crime, Comedy
  • Target group: Family, Kids 7+
  • Country: Czech Republic

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World design


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