He’s developed Workshops in Corporeal Acting for Animators, which are proposed to schools of animation as well as production houses in Animation. He continues to work as an Actor in film, television and the Theatre. Robert Bennett was first introduced to Dramatique Corporeal Mime in the United States by Thomas Leabheart, a past assistant to Mr. Etienne Decroux and is presently on the staff of Pomona College in California where he edits the Mime Journal. In 1984 Robert Bennett went to Paris to continue his studies with Mr. Etienne Decroux, the founder of this technique. One year later he enrolled in the L’ecole De Mime Corporel Dramatique De Paris where he became an assistant instructor and one of the principal actors of “Theatre de L’Ange Fou”under the direction of Steven Wasson and Corinne Soum. Since 1989, he has participated in the theatre productions and film projects of the company, “Maquette X XX” in Brussels, Belgium. In 1994, he was invited to give a demonstration in “character walks” for the students of film animation at the CFT Goblins, in Paris. The mutual interest in this first encounter encouraged the development of further workshops in Acting for Animation. Since this time Robert has taught in several schools of Animation and production houses such as The Walt Disney Studio France, Warner Brothers Feature Animation, U.S.A. and as a compliment to the Richard Williams workshops in Denmark. You can view an interview with Robert at www.kylebalda.com


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