Charleston Silverman

UNREAL ENGINE 5: Real-Time Animation Studio

Charleston Silverman is the Lead Digital Projects Engineer at Digital Nation Entertainment, a content development studio in Santa Monica, California. Charleston boasts extensive experience in digital content creation for standard media, VR, and AR within the game and movie industries. Charleston specializes in developing real-time rendering pipelines and has been creating digital assets since he began using the Half-Life (GoldSrc) SDK. His digital asset creation specialties include 3D modeling, videogrammetry, photogrammetry, materials, texturing, and lighting, and he is also well versed in various types of digital content development. Having worked on projects for companies such as

  • Time, Inc.
  • NASA
  • Weta
  • Sony Pictures
  • Warner Brothers
  • CNN
  • NBA
  • Apple

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UNREAL ENGINE 5: Real-Time Animation Studio

Charleston Silverman
3. - 14. 4. 2023
10 days
Beginner to intermediate
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