• Production of Animated Projects with a president of french producers Christian Davin (FR) and an accomplished producer Mike Robinson (UK)
  • Creative Production with Isaac Kerlow, long time director at Disney
  • Character Animation Masterclass with Kyle Balda from PIXAR


  • Storytelling with Isaac Kerlow from Disney
  • Making of Animated Projects presentations of 5 studios from Denmark, Poland, France, Czech Republic


  • 3D Character Animation course with Dripha Benseghir (Les Gobelins), Andy Schmidt (PIXAR), Rich Quade (PIXAR)
  • Programming in Maya course with Aaron Walsman (Blue Sky)
  • Production Practices course with BZ Petroff (LucasArts)


  • 3D Character Animation  with Michelle Meeker (Animation Mentor), Andy Schmidt (PIXAR), Rich Quade (PIXAR)
  • Tips and Tricks for Animators with Keith Lango (VALVE)
  • Rigging for a Feature Film with Victor Vinyals (Aardman Animations)


  • 3D Character animation with Keith Lango (VALVE), Matt Majers (PIXAR), Royce Wesley (PIXAR)
  • Character design for 3D Film with Jonny Duddle (Aardman Animations)
  • Studio Pipeline with Kay Delventhal
  • Pantomime for Animators course with Robert Bennett (Les Gobelins)
  • Animating a Short Film I. with Kenny Roy (Acronyx, Animation Mentor)


  • 3D Character Animation with Keith Lango (VALVE), Andy Schmidt (PIXAR), Rich Quade (PIXAR)
  • Advanced Cartoon Rigging with Josh Carey (REEL FX)
  • Storytelling with Isaac Kerlow (formerly Disney)
  • Animating a Short Film II.  with Anthony Wong (PIXAR)


  • Workflow and Personal Improvement with Mike Belzer (VALVE)
  • Clarity in Animation with Neil Helm (PIXAR)
  • High-End Polish and Details with Jason Schleifer (DreamWorks)
  • Animating a Short Film III.  with Keith Lango (VALVE)


  • CG Animation Basics with David Tousek (3BOHEMIANS)
  • Direction in Animation with Anthony Wong (PIXAR)
  • Clarity in Animation with Rich Quade (PIXAR)
  • High-end Polish and Details with Ben Rush (PIXAR)


  • Story Lab with John Nevarez (PIXAR, SONY)
  • Concept Art Lab with Jim Moore (Lucas Arts)
  • Attitude and Style in 2D/3D Animation with Mark Oftedal (PIXAR, WB, Google)
  • Quality and Details in 3D Animation with Anthony Wong (PIXAR)


  • Story Lab with Mike Cachuela (LAIKA)
  • Concept Art Lab with Michel Breton (LAIKA)
  • Animating in VR with Keith Lango (VALVE)
  • Animate Short Film with Mark Oftedal (PIXAR, WB, Google)


  • Story Lab with Robert Lence (PIXAR, WB
  • Character Design Lab with Ricky Nierva (PIXAR)
  • VR Lab with Joe Daniels (TinyCo Games)