You will gain a thorough understanding of your current animation workflow and how to improve efficiency and artistic decision making in different types of animation projects. Due to the intensive, dedicated and personal character of the course setting you will also earn a solid working experience in collaboration with a hosting supervisor.

How it works

Participants will animate exercises that simulate an animation style development of a CG character with the most appropriate style of motion and performance.

The first week is dedicated to analysis of participants reels which designates specific exercises to address most evident animator’s weaknesses in order to improve his or her skills and workflow.

The second week is dedicated to animating samples to learn to search for a specific style of action and character’s performance accordingly.


To develop and further enhance skills and workflows in 3D character animation.

Topics covered

  • Studio pipeline theory, animation project
  • Workflow animation
  • Animation exercises focused on weight, speed, distance
  • Basics of human character posing
  • Advanced workflow animation in Maya
  • Advanced curve editor functions
  • Animation of one shot from the main task

Theory: 20 hours
Exercises: 60 hours
Final project evaluation/assessment: 30 minutes

Who is it for

  • Beginners with working knowledge of Maya for Animators
  • Intermediate 3D Character Animators seeking to boost their acting skills.

Course capacity

minimum of 15 participants


  • Working knowledge of Autodesk Maya with particular focus on animation tools
  • Prior experience animating CG characters (minimum 1 year) OR taking INTRO TO 3D CHARACTER ANIMATION COURSE
  • Openness to learning new approaches and topics
  • Communication skills in English

Selection criteria

  • Portfolio 3D character animation works
  • Working knowledge of Autodesk Maya
  • Motivation letter – emphasis on career motivation and vision

Interested in the course?

Deadline June 25, 2019
Don’t miss your chance!

  • Duration
    9. 9.  – 20. 9. 2019 (10 days)

  • Mentor
    Keith Lango

  • Skill level

  • Language


  • Price

    1 500 EUR / 38 500 CZK
    per participant

    Bundle A – 10% off

    2 250 EUR  / 57 200 CZK
    per participant

    2 490 EUR / 63 500 CZK
    per participant

    Bundle B – 15% off

    3 390 EUR  / 86 700 CZK
    per participant

    3 990 EUR / 102 000 CZK
    per participant

    Price includes 21% VAT. In case of EUR/CZK exchange rate should change, the fee in EUR is derived from CZK currency. Does not include: travel and accomodation


Keith Lango

Keith Lango has been an avid explorer of CG animation art and technology since the early 90’s. Keith is a world renowned and award winning animator with a specialty for achieving new visual production techniques and pipeline efficiencies, especially on projects with limited resources.

Keith has applied these skills on all manner of media projects like films, TV shows, commercials, interactive, VR, and video game titles. He has worked on projects for studios like Valve, Big Idea Productions, Blur, ReelFX, DNA Productions, Magnetic Dreams, Fox/Blue Sky, Warner Brothers, Sony, Disney, EA, and Take 2 Interactive.

Over the past decade Keith has been expanding his interests into live action film production. He has written, directed, edited, and color graded professional commercial projects and has produced and directed a number of festival award winning narrative short films.

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