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You will collaborate on developing your animated film or series with a seasoned veteran of the animation industry, Nathan Stanton (tbc) of the PIXAR Animation Studios, who will act as supervisor.

The aim of the Story Lab is to introduce producers and their creative teams to the process of story development by drawing on the practice and experience of the invited guest. The Story Lab is designed for seven creative teams of two–three artists.

The creative teams will be able to further develop their projects with the Character Design Lab.


  • Storytelling lectures by an accomplished animation professional
  • Professional supervision and consulting of your projects
  • Team collaboration with the supervisor
  • Storyboard student available to each team
  • Follow up online project consulting with a supervisor after the residential lab
  • Follow up presentation to an international expert panel (distributors, producers…)


The residential workshop is based on team work of small groups of participants. Each will be led by an internationally recognised and experienced supervisor and will also include lectures and one-on-one consultations with the guest supervisor.

Teams will have a storyboarding student available to help with boarding story ideas.

Following the residential workshops online consultation with the supervisor will take place as required.

After the residential workshops and subsequent consultations with the supervisor, projects will be presented for feedback to a three-member international expert panel composed of producers and distributors.


Capacity of the lab is maximum of 7 projects. For each project we invite 2 – 3 member teams.


  • Portfolio – expertise and experience in the field
  • Priority given to animation artists
  • Motivational letter
    Emphasis on career motivation and vision
  • Own project
    Participants’ involvement is conditional on their having a project of their own
  • Own creative team
    Teams of at least 2 or 3 members/story artists will receive priority
  • Participation in both Story & Art labs


Story Lab 2017 with Mike Cachuela (PIXAR, LAIKA, DW)

Story Lab 2016 with John Nevarez (PIXAR, SONY)

Behind the scenes of Story Lab 2016

Interested in the lab?

Registration deadline 31 May!
Don’t miss your chance.

  • Duration
    23rd July – 3rd August 2018 (10 days).
  • Mentor
    Nathan Stanton, tbc
  • Skill level
    all levels
  • Price

    Team of 3
    580 EUR / 15 000 CZK per individual

    Team of 2
    865 EUR / 22 500 CZK per individual

    Price includes 21% VAT. In case of EUR/CZK exchange rate should change, the fee in EUR is derived from CZK currency.



Nathan Stanton (tbc)

Nathan Stanton has been in the Animation Industry for over 20 years, working on Feature Films, Commercials, and Video Game projects. Pixar Animation Studios has been his home for the last 19 years, providing Story Boarding on multiple films including ‘A Bug’s Life’, ‘Toy Story II’, ‘Monsters INC.’, ‘Finding Nemo’, ‘Ratatouille’, ‘Wall-E’, ‘Brave’, ‘Cars II’, and the theatrical short ‘The Blue Umbrella’.

Prior to Pixar he worked at Skellington Productions on ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ and ‘James and the Giant Peach’ doing 2D assistant animation support in the features. ‘Colossal Pictures’ and ‘Wild Brain’ also made for a strong learning ground for more 2D animation on a multitude of commercial and TV projects.

Stanton studied animation at California Institute of the Arts and received his BFA in ‘Character Animation’ in 1992. Professionals in the field of animation provided excellent teachers, and a strong curriculum paved the path to the career he has today.

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