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The course provides an opportunity to develop basic 3D animation skills and workflows as the first step toward 3D character animation expertise as it is expected in todays world of digital animation. It boosts your character animation skills in 3D and as such it is an opportunity to enter animating in 3D for 2D animators.

How it works

You will be introduced to the Maya software and to 3D character animation through a series of exercises. Focus is on body mechanics and physical action during this basic training.

The course provides participants with dedicated and intensive time and space for learning by doing under a direct supervision of an experienced industry professional. Morning lectures and/or demos combined with quick animation exercises with exact deadlines. Afternoons are dedicated to lab time and personal one-on-one guidance between an animator and a visiting supervisor. The classroom is available at all times.


Develop basic skills and competencies in 3D character animation.

Lesson plan

Lectures: 20 hours

  • GUI,  Orientation, Primitive Shapes, Graph Editor, Display Layers, Timetable, Set a project, Preferences,
  • Attribute editor, Outliner, Grouping, Parenting, Ghosting, Hiding and showing objects,
  • Camera, Playblasts,
  • Deformers, Constrains, Import audio,
  • Path animation, Editable Motion Trail, Animation Cycles, 
  • Use set driven keys,
  • Grouping / Parenting, Hypergraph

Exercises: 60 hours

  • Ball Bouncing across the screen / car racing,
  • Pendulum / Pendulum with a ball,
  • Ball in an obstacle course,
  • Flour Sack jumping / running,
  • Flour Sack jumping off a pool board,
  • Character Walk, Character being hit by something simple (ball, brick, book)

Final project evaluation/assessment: 30 minutes

Who is it for

2D animators, animation students, 3D artists, biginners level

Course capacity

minimum of 15 participants


  • Prior experience animating 2D or stop-motion characters (minimum 1 year)
  • Prior self-study of classical animation principles
  • Working knowledge of any given digital animation tool (Adobe Flash, AfterEffects, Toon Boom Studio etc.)
  • Openness to learning new approaches and topics
  • Communication skills in English

Selection criteria

  • Portfolio of previous professional and/or personal work (any)
  • Priority given to artists with motivation to work in animation film
  • Motivational letter – Emphasis on career motivation and vision

Course Endorsement by Czech Animation & Gaming Studios 

Interested in the course?

Deadline June 25, 2019
Don’t miss your chance!

  • Duration
    26. 8. – 6. 9. 2019

  • Mentors
    David Toušek
    Pavel Hruboš

  • Skill level

  • Language
    Czech, English

  • Location
    Litomyšl, Czech Republic

  • Price

    990 EUR / 25 000 CZK
    per participant

    Bundle A – 10% off

    2 250 EUR  / 57 200 CZK
    per participant

    2 490 EUR / 63 500 CZK
    per participant

    Bundle B – 15% off

    3 390 EUR  / 86 700 CZK
    per participant

    3 990 EUR / 102 000 CZK
    per participant

    Price includes 21% VAT. In case of EUR/CZK exchange rate should change, the fee in EUR is derived from CZK currency. Does not include: travel and accommodation


David copy

David Toušek (3BOHEMIANS)

David has acquired his 3D animation skills at school and other animation courses in the United States. Subsequently, he participated in training for professionals at The Animation Workshop in Denmark under the direction of animators from PIXAR. He also won “artist in residence” status in Viborg to start working on his first short film, TELE-VISION. He has been invited to Viborg on several occasions to teach 3D basics in Maya, and has taught The Animation Workshop the basics of 3D character animation at the Institut de l’image de l’Ocean Indian on Reunion. The experience with lecturing and the first production of animated films led David to found ANOMALIA in 2008. David is active in character animation in the production of short animated films and commercials (Kofola, Jupík, Sazka and others). Rolling Pictures has hired David to animate the advertising campaign of 13 animated spots for Hurvínek and the Magic Museum.

Pavel Hrubos

Pavel Hruboš (freelancer, Eallin)

As a 3D animator, he has gained extensive practical experience with dozens of international commercials (Fanta, Subaru, American Express, Amnesty International, Hyundai, CIF, O2, Česká pojišťovna, Kofola, ING, etc.). He participated in the development of the MAFIA II game or the feature-length animated film Autopohádky a Fimfárum 3D. He has long been involved in the short animated series The Smallest Elephant in the World (18 episodes) and the Slovenian series Muri Muri.

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