Intro to 3D Character Animation

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August 26 - September 6, 2019
10 days
8 / 10 participants
Litomyšl, Czech Republic

990 EUR

per participant

3 390 EUR

per participant

Price includes 21% VAT. Does not include: travel and accommodation.


This is an intensive course focused on mastering the basics of 3D character animation.

The course provides an opportunity to develop basic 3D animation skills and workflows as the first step toward 3D character animation expertise as it is expected in today’s world of digital animation. It boosts your character animation skills in 3D and as such, it is an opportunity to enter animating in 3D for 2D animators.

On completion of the course you will:

  • develop basic skills and competencies in 3D character animation.
  • boost your job prospects, expand your knowledge, and meet new colleagues and professionals in the field.
  • receive AUTODESK Maya Certificate if you complete all 3D character animation courses (Intro to 3D character animation, Workflow and Acting in 3D Character animation)

David Toušek

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How it works

You will be introduced to the Maya software and to 3D character animation through a series of exercises. The focus is on body mechanics and physical action during this basic training.

The course provides participants with dedicated and intensive time and space for learning by doing under the direct supervision of an experienced industry professional. Morning lectures and/or demos combined with quick animation exercises with exact deadlines. Afternoons are dedicated to lab time and personal one-on-one guidance between an animator and a visiting supervisor. The classroom is available at all times.

Lesson plan


  • GUI,  Orientation, Primitive Shapes, Graph Editor, Display Layers, Timetable, Set a project, Preferences
  • Attribute editor, Outliner, Grouping, Parenting, Ghosting, Hiding and showing objects
  • Camera, Playblasts
  • Deformers, Constrains, Import audio
  • Path animation, Editable Motion Trail, Animation Cycles
  • Use set driven keys
  • Grouping / Parenting, Hypergraph


  • Ball Bouncing across the screen / car racing, Pendulum
  • Pendulum with a ball
  • Ball in an obstacle course
  • Flour Sack jumping / running
  • Flour Sack jumping off a pool board
  • Character Walk
  • Character being hit by something simple (ball, brick, book)

At a glance

  • Theory: 20 hours
  • Exercises: 60 hours
  • Final project evaluation/assessment: 30 minute

Who is it for

2D animators, animation students, 3D artists, beginners level

Where will this get me?

All participants will get well-respected qualification within the industry, demonstrating you’ve studied an industry-based course and have the practical, hands-on skills studios are looking for.

Our students go on to work in many areas of the industry. See some of their success stories.

You can consider junior level opportunities as 3D character animator on completion of the course.



  • Prior experience animating 2D or stop-motion characters (minimum 1 year)
  • Prior self-study of classical animation principles
  • Working knowledge of any given digital animation tool (Adobe Flash, AfterEffects, Toon Boom Studio etc.)
  • Openness to learning new approaches and topics
  • Communication skills in English

Selection criteria

  • Portfolio of previous professional and/or personal work (any)
  • Priority given to artists with motivation to work in animation film
  • Motivational letter – Emphasis on career motivation and vision


CAD Studio

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