Intro to 3D Art

October 9 - November 11, 2019
10 Weekday Evenings + Weekend
6 / 12 participants
beginner to intermediate

25 000 CZK

per person with 12 participants

Open registration
Deadline: 18.08.2019
Price includes 21% VAT. Does not include: travel and accommodation.


The intensive course focused on mastering 3D graphic design for beginners and intermediate artists.

During the course, you’ll learn the basic tools and workflows used in 3D graphic design, providing you with the skills to create your own complex projects going forward. Particular emphasis is placed on working as a team through collaboration on a number of tasks in sequence.

On completion of the course you will:

  • learn how to realize your creative potential by learning new technical skills and proven procedures in 3D computer graphics.
  • boost your job prospects, expand your knowledge, and meet new colleagues and professionals in the field.

How it works

Through a series of lessons and specially prepared exercises, you’ll deepen your current knowledge and gain the skills required of a 3D graphic designer. You’ll also become familiar with the technical procedures of 3D graphic design production and the specifics of studio work.

You work on individual creative projects of their own in the following fields: product design/automotive, game design, cartoon design, VFX, Arch-Viz, motion graphics. The final project showcases the skills you acquire along the way – this is a “calling card” toward securing future jobs at advertising, animation, game, and architectural studios.

The course will be led mainly using Cinema 4D and Houdini software. But the main goal will be to give participants a broader view of the basics of 3D design through the use of other software applications and techniques.

The mentor has an individual approach to each student. The mentor will take into consideration the current knowledge and skill levels of each participant.



  • 10 Monday and Wednesday evenings from 5 pm to 8 pm; 9th October, 14th October, 16th October, 21st October, 23rd October, 28th
    October, 30th October, 4th November, 6th November, 11th November, 18th November, 20th November
  • Weekend 16th – 17th November from 9 am to 5 pm


to be defined

Lessons plan

Weekly sessions

  1. Defining and effectively navigating the 3D space
  2. Modeling 3D objects in the most accurate way
  3. Scene lighting and selection
  4. Simulating surfaces to create wood, glass, and metal
  5. Using UVW mapping to add appropriate textures to 3D objects
  6. Texture creation for 3D objects/scenes.
  7. Rendering and post-production – image calculation and realization.


  • Work on a final project, consulting + pitching

Who is it for

The course is intended for motivated enthusiasts, students, and professionals who want to expand and deepen their knowledge.

Where will this get me

Junior level of 3D graphic design in the TV/film, game, advertising, and industrial/architectural visualization sectors.


Minimum of 10 / maximum of 15 participants

Selection criteria

Participants should ideally have:

  • Previous experience with 3D graphic design and self-study
  • Experiencing working with digital graphics software (Cinema 4D, 3DS Max, Maya)
  • Interest in studying new 3D graphic design techniques/tools and topics

Participant selection criteria

  • Participants must have basic knowledge of 3D character animation and a proven work portfolio documenting their skills in using animation tools and Autodesk Maya.
  • Each participant must submit a motivation letter, emphasizing specific career goals and stating how they intend to apply the 3D character animation skills they acquire through the workshop in the context of the professional animation industry.