Katerina Karhankova

What course did you study at ANOMALIA?

3D character animation, Story lab and Production course with BZ Petroff


How did studying at ANOMALIA help you into the world of animation, gaming, vfx?

It helped me to understand how the animation in 3D software is done and what are its possibilities. What kind of action is suitable for this technique. The courses also improve my animator skills and also showed me new ways of directing action in single shots and the whole film. I got known new and very inspiring ways of script writing and difficulties or importance of the animation pipeline. That helped me a lot.


What are you working on at the moment? And what have you previously worked on?

Right now I am working as a director and scriptwriter for Bionaut production at series for kids called – Hungry bear tales. I am also preparing a new film which combine live action and animation called Mud pie! at Masterfilm production.


What were you doing before you started your course at ANOMALIA?

I was studying at Animation department at FAMU in Prague.

How quickly after completing your course did you secure your first job?

It is hard to say, I had some small job right after the course, because I was still a student at that time. But few years later when I finished my master studies I started to work for on bigger projects.


What lessons have you learnt during your time studying and your time working in animation, gaming, vfx?

Many…how to communicate better with animators and people, how important is to be aware of the new technical possibilities, that the technical stuff should be helping the director to build the story not to be too heavy and doesn’t hinder the project.


What is your advice for those considering entering the industry?

Have your eyes open : )


If you had to sum up your time at ANOMALIA in one word, what would it be and why?



What’s your favourite movie and why?

Secret of Kells, because of the animation technique and character animation itself, the story and sound which are cooperating very nicely in this film.