It is recommended to register as soon as you know you can join ANOMALIA. The deadline is informative to the point that you know when we start evaluating your registrations. However, if you have specific needs, you can register prior to the deadline and let us know. We can accept you even sooner. Same is true about accepting registrations after the deadline. You can still register and we may still have a seat for you. The deadline is the date after which we start filling out the seats. Just so you know.
Yes, you can take only individual courses. But priority have those that are interested in the entire program of the Boot Camp, 6 weeks. If we have some room left, we are able to have other people join us for individual courses. It all depends on situation .. so yes, it is possible. Our goal is to accept students that need to get trained completely first.

We have right to change the course dates, if the professional situation should collide with the initial plan. All registered should be notified.

Yes, but you will be put on a waiting list. So there is still a chance that you may get in if other students cannot join us. Life happens, things change. Priority still have those that register the first. So try to send in your reel and registration before the deadline, please. Thank you.
Yes, you can cancel your registration anytime, but please consider our cancelation policy. We will refund the whole amount paid if cancelation is made more than 1.5 months prior to start of a course you registered to. Less than 1.5 months before the scheduled start of a course the cancelation fee equals 30% of the course price. Less than a week before scheduled start of a course the cancelation fee equals 100% of the course price. The organiser reserves the right to cancel a course due to  an insufficient number of registrations. In such a case all deposits and registration fees will be fully refunded.
We start at 9am and work usually till 6pm officially. But since teacher’s and students‘ rooms are in the same building as our classroom, and ANOMALIA is a professional training, people usually work until very late and teachers hang out with the animators almost the entire day. This is a professional course, we work as we need and feel. No school rules. The luxury to have the classroom open 24/7 and teachers available for as long as one needs is priceless. You pay for full days having a teacher and a dedicated environment to your need, unlike with online training where you have a distant attention of your teacher for only couple hours a week, if you are lucky.
We do not offer any scholarships this year.
We have a classroom with 15 computers. We may potentially accept extra students with their own laptops, but 17 students is the most comfortable maximum.
Trainers are usually available the whole day, they also have tendency to stay with students much further and also spend free time with them doing all kinds of stuff. Most frequently drinking beer and hanging out. But as long as a teacher is able and willing, they are available. It’s up to them and the students.
No. We don’t have the infrastructure and motivation to do that. That’s a whole a lot different concept by all means. ANOMALIA focuses on in person intensive training and sharing the whole summer together. There are other online schools, which provide services of this kind. We are filling up a different gap on the market in our region, therefore, on site training give you the opportunity to communicate in real time and also develop future network of friends and co-workers. Besides, we run ANOMALIA as summer event, lot’s of fun.
Well, this is actualiy the best thing we have done that we moved the courses away from a big city, but at the same time we spend our entire summer in one of the most beautiful town in the Czech Republic. The concept is very simple. If we were in Prague, most students would have to live in different hostels and they would also have to leave a regular school classroom early in the evening. This would not create a really cool atmosphere and friendship among the people, they would also NOT have time to relax very close to the classroom and so even such opportunity to work until very late would not be much beneficial to learning. Besides, the classroom in Litomysl and the town itself feels so amazing, that it really creates the best learning environment we could have hope for.
Yes! In 2016, anyone from around the world can enroll the ANOMALIA courses.
Yes, you have to have at least 1 year of full time animating CG characters, does not matter if you animate at home (study online, consider The Animator’s survival kit for iPad, animate 11SecondClub exercises etc), but ANOMALIA is NOT for beginners. We also do NOT provide Intro to 3D Animation anymore, so you have to know Maya already too.