Professionals from Pixar and Lucas Films will help animators to develop their feature films and series

//Professionals from Pixar and Lucas Films will help animators to develop their feature films and series

Professionals from Pixar and Lucas Films will help animators to develop their feature films and series

Animators from the renowned American studios Disney and Pixar (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Wall-I, Inside out) will be meeting for the seventh time now at the Litomyšl chateau to learn from animation professionals in the ANOMALIA series of courses. Training program ANOMALIA was rank among the TOP 20 best schools of animation in the world by the US website Animation Career Review. This year

“Aside from the courses that are now tradition parts of the programme, focusing on perfecting acting and animating skills in computer animation, we have expanded out offer this year to include an incubator for developing stories and artwork for animated feature and series projects – the Story and Concept Art Labs. In this way we want to give domestic filmmakers the opportunity to complete their story ideas under the supervision of experienced professionals and thereby improve the number of qualified projects. Both individuals and teams can apply for the incubator. This is an ideal opportunity for producers and their development teams. While we still want to devote the mornings to lectures and to the participants perfecting their skills and know-how, because no one is so good that they have nothing left to learn from those most experienced, our lab is not a standard course but a true development camp for professionals,” says David Toušek, one of the organisers of the ANOMALIA educational programme who is putting together the seven-week course for professional animators and instructors. The Story and Concept Art Labs begin July 4 and end July 22. Capacity is limited and applications as well as project synopses can be submitted until the end of May.

Participants in the Story and Concept Art Labs have the opportunity to present their projects to the professional public for example one year later in the Visegrad Animation Forum competition, which is a chance for producers, studios, TV stations and film distributors to meet. This opens up the possibility for them to collaborate on animated projects.

“The economic and artistic potential of domestic animation is still waiting for its opportunity, among other things because of the low number of original projects. This makes an incubator for project development unique in the region of Central Europe and at the same time very necessary. It is only with a sufficiently large number of interesting projects that there can be any fundamental economic development of the field of animation. I feel certain that filmmakers will decide to take advantage of this opportunity,” Toušek adds.

In 2016 the ANOMALIA educational programme is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Association of Animated Film.

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