Our hero animator Natalia Marcos, Spain

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Our hero animator Natalia Marcos, Spain


Introducing Natalia Marcos, who has been part of our 3D Character Animation training in 2013. She has recognised early on that she needed to keep on advancing her skills to be more secured in the real world and decided to join us. Natalia is self-driven and an easy companion on a team, which is what we admire about every person that has team spirit inside and self-focused determination to become an advanced professional, which is a gift to be honest for a team work. …



I’m an animator from Spain. I recently graduated from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

From my youth I always have been interested in art in general. I started to go in a comic school in Barcelona. Casually the school offered a little 2d animation basics course and out of curiosity I enrolled in it. I felt in love in that media. From then I was recommended to go to Denmark from one of my friends and since then I’ve been studying the bachelor on Character animation.

After making the bachelor movie that is required in the third, and last year of my education in Denmark, I learned a lot but I still felt insecure about my skills and that’s why before my internship to Team To in France I wanted to strengthen my abilities.

I wanted to be at the level of my colleagues at work and I wished to leave a good impression.


Once I arrived to ANOMALIA, I had a lot of good impressions. The place is very welcoming in a beautiful  little town in Czech Republic.

The environment was very inspiring, we had a room where we all worked together and we had top teachers from the industry. The treatment was very personal and you could access and work at the school as much as you wanted/needed to.

I felt that I learn a lot of tricks and tips from the teachers but also from my colleagues. It was fun to see what each of us made of every exercise and to shoot references together.

I was able to ask the teachers about their experiences on the field and close advices.

At the end of ANOMALIA course I left with more knowledge and a larger network for future jobs, besides great experiences and very good friends.

After this I headed to my internship and I still continued to learn since TV series are very fast and you have to keep a balance between quantity and quality. But thanks to my previous education and the practice I gain in ANOMALIA I felt confident, which allowed me to perform good enough to get me hired until the end of the production.




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