Our hero animator Siniša Mataič, Croatia

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Our hero animator Siniša Mataič, Croatia

ANOMALIA would like to feature a very talented animator and artist, Siniša Mataič, who has been part of our professional training in 2013 on the 3D Character Animation and Short Film Making programs. Siniša is a great example of a truly dedicated, not only talented but also very hard working professional and independent artist, ambitious both with taking his own skills to another level and encouraging as a team member as well, which makes him a valuable asset to modern animation production of our times.



We asked Siniša to share shortly his experience with you:

I’m an animator from Croatia. My area of expertise is in 2D animation, so that’s why I decided to attend ANOMALIA, so I can learn and work in 3D field as well. I have to say that animation as a growing industry is getting more and more demanding and animators have to be able to easily move from one position to another.

That’s why I had wonderful experience working with the best professionals in the industry at ANOMALIA courses. Learn from their experience, but also I have meet other professionals from across Europe that attended the courses, connected with them and made a larger network for possible future jobs.





I have to put special attention on Short film making courses, where a real studio environment was created. I had personally worked on 8 short films, but I never had this kind of learning experience in such short amount of time. It was a unique experience and I harvested a lot of animation knowledge, but also storytelling skills, which I am transferring to all of my new tasks.

Every animator who wants to work in this highly competitive, highly demanding industry of animation, needs to prepare him/herself the best s/he can, and that’s what ANOMALIA is offering. From particular advance topics to real stressful work environment. I would recommend these courses to everyone who wants to compete with the best in the industry.

Siniša is currently finishing his short film and so you can follow Siniša’s blog at http://climbersmovie.com



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