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ANOMALIA ADVANCED 2014 aims to provide advanced training and networking for European community of animators and animation artists, one of the few places, in fact if not the only one, that offers affordable AAA opportunity and dedicated personal platform to improve animation skills for virtually anybody – graduates that seek their first job, working professionals to get further ahead and inspired, artists seeking help with their projects, animators that want to be part of a team on a short film.

However, next year, we will NOT offer Intro to 3D Animation. Those that are new to CG and character animation will have to work hard (at home) for at least one full year animating characters on their own to be able to get in if they desire so.

This will also help them to take advantage of ANOMALIA when they get in, so they don’t start from scratch with us. The more advanced a participant is, the more s/he will learn in Litomysl with top professionals present under the same roof. Animation learning starts with decision and first steps on your own. ANOMALIA can only help you go further as a top boot camp, but we will NOT teach you how to start. There are online resources and animation schools for you already. We are not a school, we don’t train new people.

Animation schools produce many new animators these days but the industry is not all that big to land a job to everybody. Only advanced and experienced animators have a potential to get in and stay in within. We don’t want to produce new animators, ANOMALIA is not a school, but we want to help those, that have already invested a lot of resources, time and energy, to increase their skills and professionalism to survive on the competitive market. We also help artists to land their first job, keep the one they have or get higher with their craft and filmmaking art. And we hope to help already working professionals to get further inspired, because not all jobs in animation are all that artistically great and enjoyable, so when they have a chance to meet the best artists in a dedicated environment, they can learn from the best so much. This AAA factor is enjoyed by many past participants as well as personal networking, which is essential to keep on moving forward.

Personal inspiration is also essential. Litomysl provides such a dedicated environment, that many claim to have the best learning experience of their life. ANOMALIA is a platform developed by animators for animators, which makes the event unique and one of its kind. The amount of work people put into their learning increases dramatically, because they could spend 2 intensive weeks (or more) on site with others of the same mindset, away from a big city and other duties, and with top professional on a personal basis. This setting should be vital for even busy people seeking further support and boost of their animation livelihood, so if they are able to take two weeks off and away from daily duties, they can focus and work hard in much shorter time but with more visible results, compared to online learning which is not dedicated by default or regular degree programs, which are too general and broad.

2014 TOPICS:


The goal is to have Mike analyse each participant’s reel, define major problems and assign exercises individually to improve those issues. Mike worked for Laika as a stop-motion artist, learned CG at Pixar, worked on features for Disney and now works on short films and games at Valve. He has been a teacher at Animation mentor and delivered lectures across the whole world. His ability to use various techniques on many different projects and formats under different productions is essential for this course.

2. CLARITY IN ANIMATION – KC Roeyer and Simon Christen from PIXAR (tbc).

Both of them should come for this one two week class that will focus on acting and how to make our choices clear, simple and straight to the point. Don’t over do it, don’t try to show off. Only what each shot needs as part of the bigger picture of the entire film. This class will focus on acting before you sit down to Maya. More details still in discussion. Two guys from PIXAR should boost the learning experience to maximum.

3. HIGH-END DETAILS AND POLISH ( REEL ) – Jason Schleifer from DreamWorks.

These two weeks will be focused on what makes a todays feature film standard – high-end details and polishing. Jason worked on both cartoon films at DreamWorks as an animation supervisor as well as on realistic characters such as Gollum from Lord of the Rings at Weta. His eyes are trained to help see details and guide animators to achieve such a high end result. We still have to talk to him about how to structure this class, but most likely people will have to have at least some blocked out shot before they come, Jason will decide if those works are good enough to bring them into the class, OR he will block out some shots and participants will take it further to add details and polishing. We simply won’t start from nothing. Everybody will have to have something already ready. That will be also a prerequisite to get into the class. Also your chance to polish your reel.


What can we say more. Another production course, this time with legendary Keith Lango. More details about the style and story later. This production course is hard work, but it lands you a production like experience, gives a chance to many artists to participate on a short film, which they may otherwise not get (too busy, too long productions, never completed projects etc). It is also a very unique opportunity for professionals to work on a short film together under the same roof with a top professional as their director. Limitations are also key to learning and be able to animate in 10 days as a team, we strongly believe in this concept by far the most. Let’s see what Keith prepares for us this time …

5. CREATURE ANIMATION – with Kenny Roy.

Only for already animating animators to get further into creatures. For those that have not animated creatures before, they will have to animate a cat’s walk before the class as a prerequisite to get into the class.

6. CHARACTER DESIGN – one week with Jonny Duddle, independent and worked for Aardman on Pirates (tbc).

The course was so successful and enjoyed by many, that we think we should have Jonny come back again. This time, we hope to have it in Photoshop. Character development is one of the most challenging and needed skill. It’s all about characters first.

So, these are our plans. Hope it will be beneficial to many. More info coming …

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