Profesionálové potvrdili účast na letních kurzech

//Profesionálové potvrdili účast na letních kurzech

Profesionálové potvrdili účast na letních kurzech

S konečnou platností potvrdili všichni oslovení profesionálové animačního průmyslu, že se zůčastní profesionálních kurzů toto léto v Litomyšli. S tímto prvním úspěchem se blíží i zveřejnění detailních informací o kurzech. Nový web je téměř hotov. Zveřejníme v průběhu nového týdne. Děkujeme za trpělivost.

Richard Quade, PIXAR

Rich has worked at Pixar Animation Studios off and on since 1992. He was a directing animator on Toy Story, and a supervising animator on both „A Bug’s Life“ and „Monsters Inc.“. He recently finish work on Toy Story 3. Rich has also delivered professional animation courses in past 3 years at the Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. His students have always pulled out some extraordinary results in just two weeks of his dialogue class.

Andrew Schmidt, PIXAR

Andrew L. Schmidt is a senior animator with Pixar Animation Studios.  He has worked in the animation industry for 20 years and has a long list of credits in both traditional 2D animation and CG animated films.  He began his career in 1990 in London, UK at Amblimation Studios where he worked on Fievel Goes West, We’re Back and Balto.  In 1996, Schmidt relocated to Los Angeles, California where he worked for Dreamworks Feature Animation on The Prince of Egypt, then moved to Warner Brothers Feature Animation where he animated on The Iron Giant and Osmosis Jones. In 2000, Schmidt moved to San Francisco and joined Pixar Animation Studios where he has worked on Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Ratatouille, Wall-e, Up and Toy Story 3.  He has also animated on various Pixar short films, including supervising animation for Partly Cloudy.

Dripha Benseghir, Mac Guff Ligne and Sparx

Dripha has been a 3D character animator in most of the CGI companies in Paris for more than 12 years and 3D teacher at the Gobelins, Supinfocom and The Animation Workshop for 6 years. She had the opportunity to work on different types of projects like Feature films, short films, music videos, commercials or video games. Dripha started in 1997 when there was not so many schools teaching 3D, therefore she had to learn by herself  how to use this new technology and combine it to the traditional principles of animation. She is completely self taught and now, she likes to share her knowledge and techniques with people who want to learn 3D to be more confident with the computers and software, and those who know the technology but want to improve in the art of animation, to get further in this infinite universe of creativity and expression.

BZ Petroff, LucasFilm

BZ Petroff is a seasoned production executive who has been in the entertainment business for 25 years. She has worked for HBO, Colossal Pictures, Pixar Animation Studios, Tippett Studios, W!LDBRAIN and is currently plying her trade at Lucasfilm in San Francisco in their video games division. BZ has helped produce Live Action, 2D & 3D Animation, Visual FX and Video Games and knows how to budget, schedule and produce just about any form of media.

Sunit Parekh-Gaihede, Hydralab

Sunit Parekh is an artist with a background in painting and installation. He has worked in film and broadcast animation for many years and can write Hellboy, Blade 3, Matrix: Reloaded and a long list of short films on his resume. In January 2008, Sunit moved with his family and his company HydraLab to Viborg, where he now teaches students in 3D animation.

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