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Quality is in details. During this lab, animators will focus on very small, quick exercises in order to build muscle memory on how to polish up and add details. The idea with each of these tests is that they are once-off, but will help to understand how to polish quickly – stretching your fingers, getting faster, getting better, learning to analyze, etc…

Then they will take a portion of an already animated shot (blocked, timed and broken down) and animators will polish the heck out of it. There aren’t many moments in our careers when we can really spend the time and energy to focus and make well thought out decisions without the pressure of production bearing down on us to finish, which is why this shot should be short.

NOTE: LAB means that participants bring their own materials (projects, rigs etc.) to work with.


To give the animators the tools to understand what it takes to finesse and polish a shot – both the technical skill, and the art of knowing how far to go.


An outline of the lectures and exercises will be announced.


This intensive character animation lab for 3D animators and animation directors.



Character animation basics training in Maya.

In order to be eligible for the lab, you need to bring your own WIP shots (portfolio) to work on.

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  • Duration
    14.-25.8. 2017 (10 days).
  • Mentor
    Ben Rush
  • Skill level
    at least junior and intermediate experience
  • Price
    790 EUR / 21 240 CZK

    Price includes VAT. In case of EUR/CZK exchange rate should change, the fee in EUR is derived from CZK currency.
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Ben Rush

Ben Rush is the writer, director, creator of Only A Dream and an animator at Pixar Animation Studios.  Prior to this, Ben worked for Google ATAP on On Ice, which garnered an Annie Award nomination, and at Digital Domaindeveloping the character “Beast” for Disney’s upcoming live action remake of Beauty and the Beast.  Ben has also served as a supervising animator and character technical director at DreamWorks Animation and Square USA.

With 20 years of industry experience serving as a supervising animator and supervising character technical director, Ben’s passion for bringing characters to life is demonstrated in a portfolio spanning 18 of the most successful animated movies in history including Kung Fu Panda 1 and 2, Shrek Forever After, Monsters vs Aliens, Madagascar 1 and 2, Shark Tale, Bee Movie, The Animatrix, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and others.

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