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Quality is in details. During this lab, animators will focus on very small, quick exercises in order to build muscle memory on how to add truthfulness of acting and polish with extra details to a nearly finished animation. Besides being a 3D animator at PIXAR, Eliza is also a very skills and sensitive 2D artist, which benefits her art in 3D as well as it applies well shape-driven animation in 3D which is being done at PIXAR more and more.

Animators will take a portion of an already animated shot (blocked, timed and broken down) and animators will polish the heck out of it. There aren’t many moments in our careers when we can really spend the time and energy to focus and make well thought out decisions without the pressure of production bearing down on us to finish, which is why this shot should be short.

NOTE: LAB means that participants bring their own materials (projects, rigs etc.) to work with.


To give the animators the tools to understand what it takes to push their animations to a higher level of finesse and polish.


An outline of the lectures and exercises will be announced.


This intensive character animation lab for 3D animators and animation directors.



Character animation basics training in Maya.

In order to be eligible for the lab, you need to bring your own WIP shots (portfolio) to work on.

  • Duration
    14.-25.8. 2017 (10 days).
  • Mentor
    Eliza Ivanova
  • Skill level
    at least junior and intermediate experience
  • Price
    790 EUR / 21 240 CZK

    Price includes VAT. In case of EUR/CZK exchange rate should change, the fee in EUR is derived from CZK currency.
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Eliza Ivanova

Eliza Ivanova is an animator and an illustrator currently working with the Pixar Animation Studio in San Francisco, California. She is a classically trained painter that decided to pursue a career in animation and movies, in that way combining those two talents and using the principles and techniques of both.

She graduated from the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 2010 with a degree in traditional character animation. Having a rich and diverse background in fine arts and painting, she managed to find a way to use those skills in drawing for motion pictures, and during her studying distinguished herself by winning the highest award for best short film and completing four student animated short films that were screened at festivals in the US and worldwide.

Just after graduating with an animated film called The Real McCoy she started working for the Pixar Studios in 2010. She contributed to feature movies Brave, Cars 2, Monsters University, The Good Dinosaur, Inside Out and two short films Toy Story of Terror and The Dam Keeper.

Eliza Ivanova is an artist with a strong sense of design; tender sensibility and an impressive skill set allow her to direct her creative brevity in the right manner in order to enhance the sense of movement.

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