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VR is becoming more common – at least, people from the industry talk about it increasingly often in hopes of a new revolution. ANOMALIA is preparing a new course for animation artists to experience developing their own look and style for VR in collaboration with an industry veteran (to be confirmed).


The objective of the course is to experience look development for VR and real time production.

The lab will be useful even for animation artists who would like to produce their own projects with real time rendering. People work on their own projects and have help with that in the lab.


Virtual Reality is a fledgling technology and artistic trend in the animation and gaming industry fields. Our course aims to help participants acquire skills and experience of artistic development as regards storytelling and the design aspect of works. We offer an artistic focus in an otherwise technical field. Participants will bring their own animation and projects to the course and become familiar with VR in two areas:


During the first week participants will focus on the possibilities of creating interactive storytelling in the context of user activity in a VR space. They will be capable of connecting their animation by means of basic commands that give animation an interactive character and will consult and develop their project ideas in cooperation with a professional expert.


During the second week they will become acquainted with instruments for developing materials and surfaces, ways of achieving a variety of artistic styles and the process of lighting and setting up scenes with the proper atmosphere for an end user experience.

How to make stuff look good shaders, skyboxes, optimizing graphics, lights in a game engine (still in decision making wether to use Unity or Unreal as our primary tool). In in general learning how to make different looks using game engines, not just the basic 3D but also cell shaded 3D, mixing techniques, etc. We have Maya but participants can bring their own 3D tool and install it.


3D animation artists / animators


Intermediate 3D experience / skills. Minimum of 1 year of full-time 3D artist / animator.



  • Duration
    24.-28.7. 2017 (5 days).
  • Mentor
    Keith Lango
  • Skill level
    at least intermediate 3D character animation
  • Price
    390 EUR / 10 620 CZK

    Price includes VAT. In case of EUR/CZK exchange rate should change, the fee in EUR is derived from CZK currency.


Keith Lango

Keith has worked on icons of childhood (Mickey Mouse & GI Joe), singing vegetables, space traveling penguins, Oscar nominated films, commercials, top tier game cinematics and features. Along the way he has made a few short films. He is also one of the best mentors of animators, and his tutorials that are internationally known & utilized. If you are an Animator you need to know this guy! His experience stretches from studios such as Big Idea, Ree FX, DNA Productions, Blur Studio, and currently Keith is at Valve in Seattle.


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