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VR is becoming more common – at least, people from the industry talk about it increasingly often in hopes of a new revolution. ANOMALIA is preparing a new course for animators to experience animating in VR in collaboration with Keith Lango (VALVE).

Keith Lango will set up a scenario, a small environment where we have two simple characters. These characters live in this space  and the VR “player” is a visitor. The visitor can walk around the space, explore it, pick things up, push buttons or do things to make the world react. All the while the characters who live here react to you. And you can interact with them in a very simple way and they respond. With this scenario built Keith will explain how animators can mess with it. Give them the Unity file to mess with and learn from. Meanwhile, animators will learn how to make the motion trees. and they can invent their own reactions to add to the basic set the character already has. We start the week with only the charatcer in the scene but he has NO reaction anims. The class will be responsible for making those anim trees so that by the end of the week we have a full interactive scenario where our characters follow us, react and such. It’s a very contained and simple thing to work with. Those who want to futz around in Unity can hack away at the existing file. Those who don’t can skip it. Meanwhile all animate.

NOTE: VR LAB is 1 week only, as we hope that one week is both enough to get into VR and also could allow you to stay for the ANIMATION I. and II. labs with Mark Oftedal and Ben Rush. Mark Oftedal has VR experience directing short films for VR for Google Spotlights and, therefore, Mark will collaborate with Keith Lango on combining the two labs together to some degree so the animations are VR ready after and the entire experience across the labs is as seamless and filled with improving your skills as character animators as well as VR know-how across this summer 2017 animation program.


The objective of the course is to experience animating & authoring VR production.


The course topics and direction will be announced.


3D character animators


Intermediate 3D character animation experience / skills. Minimum of 1 year of full-time 3D character animation experience.

  • Duration
    24.-28.7. 2017 (5 days).
  • Mentor
    Keith Lango
  • Skill level
    at least intermediate 3D character animation
  • Price
    390 EUR / 10 620 CZK

    Price includes VAT. In case of EUR/CZK exchange rate should change, the fee in EUR is derived from CZK currency.


Keith Lango

Keith has worked on icons of childhood (Mickey Mouse & GI Joe), singing vegetables, space traveling penguins, Oscar nominated films, commercials, top tier game cinematics and features. Along the way he has made a few short films. He is also one of the best mentors of animators, and his tutorials that are internationally known & utilized. If you are an Animator you need to know this guy! His experience stretches from studios such as Big Idea, Ree FX, DNA Productions, Blur Studio, and currently Keith is at Valve in Seattle.


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